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Welcome to Hire A Pro's Advocate Services. At Hire A Pro we understand the difficulties involved in the intricate business of contracting, afterall we have been professional contractors oursleves for over 30 years.


Disputes and issues arise all of the time between Contractors & Sub-Contractors, Homeowners & Contractors, Business & Contractors.  So when problems happen, don't worry because Hire A Pro is your construction advocate and we are here to help!


Choose from a plan that best describes your issues and allow us to help you resolve your needs effortlessly and seamlessly!  Don't wait when it comes to construction disputes, because the longer you wait, the harder the issues become.


Hire A Pro Handles Your Problems Seriously & Discreetly

Tens of thousands of home & business owners get taken by bad contractors every year and the courts are full of construction cases.  Hiring an attorney is expensive and almost always comes with a hefty retainer just to get the action going. 


With Hire A Pro's Advocate Services, we act in your case as soon as we have all the information required and all the facts and photographic evidence laid out in your file. Then we handle your case expeditiosly and if your case does in fact require an attorney, Hire A Pro helps you in that regard as well.  We help illustrate your case for you as an expert witness and will show your attorney or the court in full detail the entire situation according to the needs of your case.  You don't have to go it alone - Hire A Pro's Advocate Services Are Here To Help!



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