All vendors & contractors (Vendors) must be a verified vendor before accepting any work orders through Hire A Pro Construction Corp (The Company) or the site at HireAPro.Org so that all legal requirements are met and satisfied to our clients and their tenants or occupants for their safety and the safety of others including that or our clients, homeowners, or tenants of a property in which you would be working.

What is a "Verified Vendor" and what is the process to become a verified vendor?

A verified vendor is a contractor who has satisfied the requirements needed legally to satisfy

  1. Insurance Requirements of General Liability & Workers Compensation for themselves and their employees or sub contractors.
  2. IDENTIFICATION:  All vendors must be able to show proof if ID of who they are. Verified Vendors will be directed to supply an ID which clearly shows who they are, where they are from, and that they are a resident of the State or of the USA.
  3. LICENSED CONTRACTORS:  Licensed contractors shall clearly state their License Number and trade license information.  Your licenses must be Active and in Good Standing. Some projects do NOT require a Contractors License for work orders under the state required minimums or for small handyman repairs or replacements such as appliance repair and the like. Some states do not require contractor license at all.  Consult with your Hire A Pro manager for these required documents or confirmations.

          Hire A Pro Construction Corp is a Licensed Class B Building Contractor and holds Contractor Licenses in many states across the USA. Hire A Pro employs the highest encryption on its websites and utilizes End To End Encryption for all internal communications within its corporate employ nationally and internationally.  Regardless of any notifications or concerns, Hire A Pro "NEVER" sells its users data "EVER".  All user data is encrypted and only employed within its corporation via our End To End Encrypted Proprietary Software of which it completely owns and operates within its own proprietary server IT stacks.  Hire A Pro owns and operates 100% of its technology from its telecom systems to its software to its servers and administration and IT departments.  As a matter of importance, your confidential information is completely protected from end to end.

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