Refund Policy

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Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may cancel your service with Hire A Pro.Org at any time prior to engaging in a contract for services. Hire A Pro.Org reserves the right to deny service to anyone for any reason it deems valid and necessary. No refunds will be returned and can not be refunded after a project has been posted and has become public. Once public, you may be contacted by any number of contractors or people looking for work and or wanting to bid on your project. As part of our agreement with you, when you use our site, you are agreeing to perform all administrative functions on our site for your protection and that of the other contracting party. By doing so, the escrow system we have set in place will keep you safer from fraud and allow the contracting parties to know that the prescribed work for bid and accepted has been funded and is ready for payment upon successful completion of the described and agreed upon work. Once you have enrolled in our services either to advertise, and the advertisement has been provided as proof of which you have accepted for publishing, there will be no further refunds for the proof of publishing. You have the right to an 85% refund only up to this point as a result of labor and equipment usage has been expended to facilitate your advertising, either via magazine, radio, television, billboard, or web. For further information please contact